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out and about :: campana brothers

The Design Museum are running a series of talks at the moment – I went along to this one given by Fernando and Humberto Campana with a Brazilian friend I met on the CSM Furniture Design course. She had intrigued me by describing their work as “representing everything that it means to be Brazilian.”
campana brothers book signing

campana brothers book signing

The talk was a fascinating insight into Brazilian culture and the Campana brothers’ design process.

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out and about :: v&a: quilts 1700-2010

I saw this exhibition at the V&A on Friday evening, with a friend who wants to make her first quilt. I was mostly attracted by the fantastically geeky title of the exhibition and surprisingly enough, it wasn’t overrun on a Friday night! It was however a very good exhibition, even for someone like me; who’s not a textiles-nut.

This was my favourite piece:

Punctuation by Sara Impey

Punctuation by Sara Impey

Inspired by the tradition of sewing love letters into quilts, in this piece Sara Impey used a line from a letter she discovered after her mother’s death, from a friend hinting at a possible relationship, which was signed off “See you suddenly one day.” She wrote the poem in this quilt using that fragment as a starting point.
Sara very generously gave me this rare picture of the quilt and also took the time to answer a few questions about her work:

out and about :: ron arad: restless at the barbican

Saw this exhibition at the Barbican today – really good. I’d only recently realised that both the Rover Chair…     

Ron Arad Rover Chair

Ron Arad Rover Chair


…and the Well Tempered Chair…     

Ron Arad Well Tempered Chair

Ron Arad Well Tempered Chair


…were by Ron Arad and had struggled to see a connection between the two, but this exhibition really helped to show the development of his work, so you could see the link between pieces as different as these two. It starts upstairs and is divided into eight types of production / phases of his output.     

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out and about :: shoreditch and brick lane design guide walk

On Sunday, the boy and I did the Shoreditch and Brick Lane walk from the London Design Guide 2010. Here are the best bits…    

Arnold Circus, Boundary Estate, London's first council-housing project, build in 1900 to replace a Slum

Arnold Circus, Boundary Estate, London's first council-housing project, built in 1900 to replace a slum

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out and about :: furniture design course, day 4

Wow, I was up until 12.30am last night and up at 6.30am this morning to make sure I had everything done ready to go straight into the workshop today. (Geeky, I know, but I am loving this course and really want to get the most out of it.)    

So, here’s my homework:    

Inspiration word (futuristic) board: CSM furniture design inspiration word board (The idea is that as you’re designing, you keep your user profile and your inspiration board in front of you at all times. The user profile obviously helps you stay focused on who the item is for; while the inspiration board can help you take the design in different directions – you can even change boards to explore different ways of tackling the brief.    

Top three ideas drawn up as ‘general assembly’ drawings (a 3/4 drawing, a front elevation and a side elevation to scale):    

GA drawing 1 - chaise longue and then some

GA drawing 1 - chaise longue and then some GA drawing 2 - moving chair


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out and about :: furniture design course, day 2

Homework for last night was to find a piece of furniture we liked and decide:

– why we liked it

– who it was for

– what it would be used for

– how it would be used

– how it was made

This is mine: CSM furniture design course flow chair board

Afternoon of lectures which I’ll share if I can get hold of them