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The Design Products Collection is one of four London Design Festival exhibitions presented by the RCA and the launch of new products designed and made by alumni and staff from their Design Products course.

Greetje van Helmonds sugar jewellery

Greetje van Helmond's sugar jewellery

This bling-tastic ring is in fact made from sugar, and comes complete with all the kit to make another one. Amongst debate about disposable consumer culture and landfill, I really like the idea of a self-replenishing item of jewellery.

Hye Yoen Parks In-betweening clock

Hye Yoen Park's In-betweening clock

Time doesn’t switch neatly from hour to hour, minute to minute, second to second. It flows; at any one moment in all likelihood being something in between the neatly divided times shown on a digital clock – this clock demonstrates that, and does so rather beautifully.

Will Shannons Metro Cabinet

Will Shannon's Metro Cabinet

Made from objects and materials found around the city (including a suitcase) and traditional paper mache techniques; this cabinet for some reason reminds me of a beehive – I think it must be its organic quality. Will Shannon plans to set up an informal factory with professional and amateurs designers producing furniture from their own kitchens and sheds – where do I sign?!

Rob Maslins Free Lunch

Rob Maslin's Free Lunch

Sustain, another of RCA’s London Design Festival exhibitions, is a selection of art and design exhibits by students and staff that respond to the subject of sustainability. This combined aquarium and herb garden promises to provide a monthly free lunch for its office worker hosts.

Nature step

Yan Lu's Nature Step

On a similar note, Nature Step grows grass nurtured by water falling from people as they step out of the shower – at the same time keeping them in touch with nature on a daily basis.

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