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interview :: javier mariscal

I was recently very lucky to be given the opportunity by the London Design Festival to interview Javier Mariscal. He is a truly multi-disciplinary designer, his work ranging from branding to furniture design and from interiors to films.

Still from Chico and Rita

Still from Chico and Rita

Here’s what he had to say… Continue reading

out and about :: london’s libraries (part 2)

Now, where were we? That’s right, just outside Holborn Central Library.

Festival-style canopy outside Holborn library

Festival-style canopy outside Holborn library

In my last out and about post, we got half way through the 20th Century Society’s tour of London’s libraries; “Lend us your books, a day ‘in Libris’” and now for the rest… Continue reading

creative spaces :: alexandra abraham

Alexandra Abraham sees the beauty in things others have discarded. She collects them, she arranges them, she covers them in gold leaf and then rubs it away, and in doing so reveals the beauty she first spied in the mud or the sand, so that we can see it too.

Close-up section of one of Alexandre's paintings

Close-up section of one of Alexandra's paintings

She very kindly invited me to her studio in a former sweet factory (where Sherbet Dips were once made) in Wood Green to see some of this process and the space in which it all happens. Continue reading

here’s one I made earlier :: graphic design with anthony burrill

A few weeks ago I went along to a graphic design workshop with Anthony Burrill at Outline Editions.

Anthony Burrill holding my masterpiece

Anthony Burrill holding my masterpiece

Anthony had provided lots of his designs copied onto brightly coloured paper. The idea was to take his designs, cut them up and make them your own.  Continue reading

thinking about :: how social media changed my life

Another month with five Sundays; another opportunity to deviate from my usual post topics.

This Thursday was Social Media Day. To celebrate, CNN iReport and mashable asked people to submit their stories in answer to the question “How  has social media changed your life?” So I thought I’d share my story with you.

It all started on a Thursday evening in March 2010. My colleagues were heading off the pub after work and wanted to know if was joining them. Sheepishly I admitted I couldn’t, because I was traipsing halfway across London (on my own!) to adrem’s private view of ‘Off the Wall’ – an exhibition of original hand printed wallpapers by a group of East London Printmakers.

Claire Hynds Klecksographien wallpaper

Claire Hynds Klecksographien wallpaper at Adrem's Off The Wall

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