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Book: How to be an explorer of the world, by Keri Smith
Artists and scientists analyse the world around them in surprisingly similar ways – by observing, collecting, documenting, analysing and comparing. Keri Smith encourages readers to do just that, setting them the mission of documenting and observing the world around them as if they’ve never seen it before. Great for reawakening a creative spirit in familiar surroundings.
Walks and Talks: 20th Century Society
I have just joined the 20th Century Society and I’m sooooo excited! Whole new levels of architectural geekery to be explored. They exist to safeguard architecture and design in Britain from 1914 onwards, and offer members a range of events, tours, lectures and short courses – often with exclusive access to buildings not open to the public.
iPhone app: Home Style by Kelly Hoppen
A beautifully designed app full of rich video content on everything from bedroom and kitchen styling ideas to Kelly’s top interior design tips and inspirations.
Social Media: Elle Decoration on Facebook
Elle Decoration are on Facebook! If a monthly Elle-Deco-fix just isn’t enough, join the Facebook page for instant gratification!
Courses: Creative workshops with a social twist
The Make Lounge offers contemporary craft workshops with a stylish, social twist and invite you to; learn a new skill in a short time, take home a gorgeous completed item, relax in a fun, friendly atmosphere and enjoy drinks and nibbles as you work! What’s not to like?!

Film: Design Museum films on Vimeo

The Design Museum now has 35 films on vimeo. Exciting stuff – I’m going to settle in with a hot chocolate and watch everything I’ve ever missed – and probably some of the ones I was there for!

Courses: Short-courses at the V&A

The V&A run an amazing range of short courses throughout the year. Led by experts and curators, they take place over few days or a number of weeks and include lectures, gallery talks and seminars. Courses include The World at Your Feet: A History of Carpets, Art Deco Design, and Japanese Aesthetics: Art & Design.

Course: Glassblowing for Beginners

It might just be the aftermath of ‘Kirsty’s Homemade Home,’ but I am super-keen to try out glassblowing, and this course by ZeST looks great. Where do I sign?!

Book: Obsessive Consumption: What did you buy today, by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Every day Kate Bingaman-Burt draws something that she’s bought that day. This book is a selection of three years of such ink drawings. Having seen some of Kate’s work I was expecting a collection of quirky drawings that would make me smile. What I wasn’t expecting was just how much they’d draw me into the minutia of her life and what they represent. A great read – well recommended. Buy the book or check out the blog or indeed follow Kate on twitter @kateconsumption.

Books: On my to-read list

The Making of Design, edited by Gerrit Terstiege – which follows the stories of 21 products ‘from the first model to the final product’ and includes goodies such as an interview with Dieter Rams. Buy the book or read the designboom review.
100 Chairs in 100 Days and its 100 Ways, by Martino Gamper – ‘There is no perfect chair’ declared designer Martino Gamper who made a chair a day in a bid to make 100 chairs in 100 days. Watch this short film for a flavour. (I love Martino Gamper!)

TV Series: The Genius of Design

This BBC2 series started on Friday 7th May and from what I saw was excellent. If you missed it, the BBC have released a DVD now available from their shop. If you liked Objectified, you’ll love it.

Website: Sketchbookspace

A great resource for sketchbook ideas and inspiration. Check it out: We all know we’re supposed to keep sketchbooks, but a browse around this site might give you the kick up the bottom you need to actually do it!

Book: Norman Potter – What is a designer : things. places. messages (fourth edition)

I’m reading this at the moment, so will reserve final judgement until I’ve finished. So far it is a charmingly intellectual and precise account of the world and remit of a designer. It’s a little hard-going and I won’t pretend I understand everything I’m reading, but I’m definitely learning a lot. Watch this space for a final opinion when I’ve finished it! If you can’t wait until then, grab yourself a copy on amazon. (I’m still reading this…. slowly!)

Magazines: idfx, Blueprint, icon

If you’re an Elle Decoration addict like me, idfx is a great magazine to make a change from your normal reading habits, and much more professionally focused. Definitely worth checking out. I’ve also recently discovered Blueprint and icon magazines – again; both worth a read.

Film: Objectified

Objectified is the second film in a design trilogy from the makers of Helvetica. The subject matter is broader, so it lacks some of fascinating niche passion of Helvetica, but it’s a must-see for anyone interesting in design. Buy the film, check out the website, or watch the trailer. (The third film, Urbanized, will premier in 2011.)

Book: London Design Guide 2010

I love this book – I don’t leave home for a fun day out without it. Filled with every design spot in London you could need to know about, plus ‘design walks’ and interesting essays from the experts. You can buy the book or there’s also a great website for more info and an e-newsletter you can subscribe to for your monthly design-fix.

Podcasts: Design Museum

Very excitingly, I’ve just discovered that the Design Museum has a series of podcasts on its website: Seemingly you can’t download them, but have to watch them on the site, which is a shame, but exciting nonetheless.

Film: Helvetica

Helvetica is without a doubt my favourite film of all time. I’m not particularly into typography, but just watching people who are so passionate about such a specialist small thing is wonderful to behold. It’s also fascinating if you’re into any sort of design, just to see how Helvetica has crept into every walk of life. Is ubiquity the ultimate aim of any designer? I could watch it over and over again (and indeed do!) Buy the film or check out the website.

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  1. Hi Design Geek,

    I am absolutly loving this blog.

    Its so nice to be able to see your trips and experiences from the comfort of my own home.

    I would love to have the time and energy to see and do the things you manage to cram into your ever busy lifestyle. You are an inspiration to me and I am sure to all us arty farty people.

    Keep it up as this is a disgners haven of design and creativity.

    Can not wait to get on here again to see the latest.

    Kind Regards,

    Loopy xxx

  2. Thanks so much for the feedback!

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