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thinking about :: design democracy

As part of the MyDeco Design Democracy Blog Awards process, I have been asked to write a blog post about what design democracy means to me.
I started by thinking about what the words ‘design’ and ‘democracy’ mean separately.
Design democracy definitions

Design democracy definitions

From those definitions, I got to a definition of ‘design democracy’ that is about creating things around the needs of any user, regardless of who they are; which made me think of the Modernist movement…

out and about :: off the wall

On 25th March, I went along to adrem’s private view of ‘Off the Wall’ – an exhibition of original hand printed wallpapers by a group of East London Printmakers.  

Here are a couple of my favourites:  

Claire Hynds Klecksographien wallpaper

Claire Hynds Klecksographien wallpaper


 I love this one – the idea is that you interpret the shapes and add to the design yourself.  

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