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creative spaces :: allan manham

Allan Manham‘s pots have a wonderful organic quality that drew me to them from the first time I saw them. So you can imagine how excited I was when Allan agreed to show me around his studio.

My very own Allan Manham pot

My very own Allan Manham pot

Walking down the alleyway that leads to Allan’s Putney studio is like stepping back in time. Continue reading

here’s one I made earlier :: yellow owl workshop

I love the Yellow Owl Workshop so I was very excited indeed to hear that Christine and Evan were coming to London, for the launch of Christine’s new book, Print Workshop.

My copy of Print Workshop signed by Christine Schmidt and the little fish stamp she made me!

My copy of Print Workshop signed by Christine Schmidt and the little fish stamp she made me!

So excited in fact that I booked the afternoon of work and went along to Urban Outfitters in Spitalfields for the launch, and I’m very glad I did. Continue reading

out and about :: origin

I am very sad to have been greeted by these closed doors when I excitedly arrived at Origin, thinking I had a good couple of hours to check it out…

All I saw of origin :(

All I saw of origin

Happily, some of my fellow bloggers were luckier and so here are my best bits of their best bits… Continue reading

thinking about :: design democracy

As part of the MyDeco Design Democracy Blog Awards process, I have been asked to write a blog post about what design democracy means to me.
I started by thinking about what the words ‘design’ and ‘democracy’ mean separately.
Design democracy definitions

Design democracy definitions

From those definitions, I got to a definition of ‘design democracy’ that is about creating things around the needs of any user, regardless of who they are; which made me think of the Modernist movement…

out and about :: campana brothers

The Design Museum are running a series of talks at the moment – I went along to this one given by Fernando and Humberto Campana with a Brazilian friend I met on the CSM Furniture Design course. She had intrigued me by describing their work as “representing everything that it means to be Brazilian.”
campana brothers book signing

campana brothers book signing

The talk was a fascinating insight into Brazilian culture and the Campana brothers’ design process.

Continue reading