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creative spaces :: maggie’s cancer caring centre

My creative spaces posts are usually about the environments that creative people work in, implying an effect of their surroundings on their creativity. We all know instinctively that our surroundings affect how we feel and behave, but this month’s creative space goes as far as to help people cope with one of the most traumatic things any of us can face, cancer.

Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre, London

Maggie's Cancer Caring Centre, London

I was recently privileged to spend a few hours visiting and photographing the Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre in London. Continue reading


creative spaces :: allan manham

Allan Manham‘s pots have a wonderful organic quality that drew me to them from the first time I saw them. So you can imagine how excited I was when Allan agreed to show me around his studio.

My very own Allan Manham pot

My very own Allan Manham pot

Walking down the alleyway that leads to Allan’s Putney studio is like stepping back in time. Continue reading

creative spaces :: alexandra abraham

Alexandra Abraham sees the beauty in things others have discarded. She collects them, she arranges them, she covers them in gold leaf and then rubs it away, and in doing so reveals the beauty she first spied in the mud or the sand, so that we can see it too.

Close-up section of one of Alexandre's paintings

Close-up section of one of Alexandra's paintings

She very kindly invited me to her studio in a former sweet factory (where Sherbet Dips were once made) in Wood Green to see some of this process and the space in which it all happens. Continue reading