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thinking about :: how social media changed my life

Another month with five Sundays; another opportunity to deviate from my usual post topics.

This Thursday was Social Media Day. To celebrate, CNN iReport and mashable asked people to submit their stories in answer to the question “How  has social media changed your life?” So I thought I’d share my story with you.

It all started on a Thursday evening in March 2010. My colleagues were heading off the pub after work and wanted to know if was joining them. Sheepishly I admitted I couldn’t, because I was traipsing halfway across London (on my own!) to adrem’s private view of ‘Off the Wall’ – an exhibition of original hand printed wallpapers by a group of East London Printmakers.

Claire Hynds Klecksographien wallpaper

Claire Hynds Klecksographien wallpaper at Adrem's Off The Wall

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