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out and about :: v&a: quilts 1700-2010

I saw this exhibition at the V&A on Friday evening, with a friend who wants to make her first quilt. I was mostly attracted by the fantastically geeky title of the exhibition and surprisingly enough, it wasn’t overrun on a Friday night! It was however a very good exhibition, even for someone like me; who’s not a textiles-nut.

This was my favourite piece:

Punctuation by Sara Impey

Punctuation by Sara Impey

Inspired by the tradition of sewing love letters into quilts, in this piece Sara Impey used a line from a letter she discovered after her mother’s death, from a friend hinting at a possible relationship, which was signed off “See you suddenly one day.” She wrote the poem in this quilt using that fragment as a starting point.
Sara very generously gave me this rare picture of the quilt and also took the time to answer a few questions about her work: