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here’s one I made earlier :: an explorer of southwold

In dire need of a bit of R&R, some inspiration and a birthday treat, the boy and I headed off to lovely Southwold for a weekend break. For a change of creative tact we went armed with “How to be an explorer of the world” by Kerri Smith and no less than four different cameras – a Fuji Instax, a digital camera each and the Diana Mini.

Southwold via Fuji Instax

Southwold via Fuji Instax

These are the best of our Fuji Instax shots. To get ourselves in full explorer mode and to avoid the usual seaside photographic cliches, we set nine photographic themes. Here are the best shots from each theme… Continue reading

out and about :: the new decor

Last weekend I went to the Hayward Gallery to see two exhibitions, The New Decor and Ernesto Neto, both of which promised to challenge the conventions of interior design. 

There were two pieces at The New Decor that really stood out as examples of how an artist’s mindset applied to design can create something truly magical.

The first piece that I liked was Spencer Finch’s Night Sky (Over the Painted Desert, Arizona, January 11, 2004)

Spencer Finch's Night Sky (Photo: The List)

Spencer Finch's Night Sky (Photo: The List)

Firstly, it was a beautiful light installation that would be equally at home in a public or commercial space, or even a large home.

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