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out and about :: furniture design course, day 2

Homework for last night was to find a piece of furniture we liked and decide:

– why we liked it

– who it was for

– what it would be used for

– how it would be used

– how it was made

This is mine: CSM furniture design course flow chair board

Afternoon of lectures which I’ll share if I can get hold of them


out and about :: furniture design course, day 1

Furniture design at Central Saint Martin’s – a four-day course run by Rock Galpin. Apparently in four days I will go from knowing absolutely nothing about furniture design to making a scale model of an item of furniture I’ve designed. I started the course convinced I’d still be trying to decide whether to design a chair or table on day 4, but after a morning of lectures we started drawing chairs and then imagining what we might do to change their design, and by the end of the day, I’d produced these…  

drawing of robin day style chair

drawing of robin day style chair


(slightly wonky legs – my drawing skills would definitely benefit from more practice!)  

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